Sample questionnaire on mobile number portability

Third, to encourage consumer adoption, mobile network providers and industry regulators should endeavour to reduce other switching barriers, especially long porting time and efforts that results in delays in porting process. First, in order to achieve the desired MNP objectives of facilitating switching and increasing competition in the mobile telecom industry, both industry regulators and individual network service providers should put in collaborative effort to encourage consumer adoption of the MNP policy through effective marketing promotional activities.

Expensive equipment, logistics on a mind-blowing scale, and ensuring checks and balances by appointing a third-party company to carry out these operations on behalf of both originating and destination operators. Wireless Number Portability is available in some parts of Africa, Asia, Australia, and most European countries including Britain; however, this relates to transferability between mobile phone lines only.

They are also going out in a big way to retain their prepaid high-ARPU users.

Mobile Number Portability Essay

Currently, the Indian government only mentions number portability within a circle meaning a state in most cases. The MNP soon to be available in other states, in first phase of MNP, the service will be available in 11 circles out of 22 telecom circles. Here mention about the sources of data and methods of collecting data Chapterisation The study will be presented through the following chapter schemes 1.

With landline telephones, all you have to do is look at the STD code, the initial few digits and you can immediately identify a phone number's attributes physical location and telecom operator.

At the point this is completed, the number is ported. No existing contractual obligation 5. So if you are using a mobile number say for and are using the service from some operator say Reliance and you want to switch over to another operator, say BSNL, then you will not have the need to change the number.

The second offer is to buy it under a long term EMI scheme. Practical Contribution The findings suggest four important areas of practical implications. As per the announcement by government of India to introduce Unique identification Number, MNP will improve the system by allocating mobile number as a unique Identification.

The UPC will be an 8 digit alpha-numeric code. Wireless number portability- relates to transferability between wireless mobile lines only and not between fixed lines. View previous table 6. State your hypothesis here. If there is an interim period when you are effectively a customer of both operators, do you have to pay monthly rental to both.

London, Journal of Industry, Competition and Trade, 4 3So this study will reveal awareness level, opinion and use of MNP facility among Vodafone subscribers in Pookottumpadam. The advanced statistical tools not used for analysis Comment [a13]: Second, the findings provide some hope that, even though in practice consumers may have some unfavourable behaviour towards MNP, especially at the initial stages of its introduction as it is in Ghana, with the necessary consumer education, MNP could have positive results on consumer adoption of MNP and switching intentions.

Mobile Number Portability in India will offer you the freedom to select the operator whose network and the features you like without having to think times about informing the change in your mobile number to your hundreds of friends and contacts.

Mobile Number Portability MNP allows the Mobile service subscribers to retain their existing mobile number when they move from one Service Provider to another Service Provider with in a same licensed service area. Generally, there is the need for management, mobile telecoms and industry regulators, to promote MNP adoption through marketing promotion, consumer education and by reducing other switching barriers in order to reap the full benefit of MNP implementation by service providers and regulators, its adoption by consumers.

Using Mobile Number Portability, you can change the operator without having to change your number. Mention about the number of samples and methods of sampling c.

Specifically, the findings indicate that most of the respondents perceived the porting process to be too time consuming and effort demanding. Scope of the study This study will be conducted among Vodafone customers in Pookottumpadam village, Nimambur taluk, Malappuram district Comment [a9]: The response was quick as promised and I will certainly be recommending you to anyone I know who needs some market research performed in the future.

A Review Of Mobile Number Portability Information Technology Essay. Print Reference this. Published: 23rd March, Mobile Number Portability has been most successful in countries like Hong Kong where it was first implemented inSouth Korea, Australia, Spain & Sweden where the churn rate has been about more than 6%.

Primary data to. MOBILE NUMBER PORTABILITY Introduction Mobile Number Portability offers the subscriber the flexibility to retain his telephone number even when he switches to another operator in a service area.

Number portability is a feature that allows a mobile subscriber to use the same number across different service providers.

questionnaire on customer perception towards bajaj bikes. uploaded by. Stavan Ajmera. RAVI MNP Full dissertation Project. Questionnaire on customer perception about VLCC. uploaded by. Mobile Number Portability Theory Introduction and Types of Solutions Available.

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phone number. 1 1. 4. 7 of the the number. portability. Questionnaire of a The study was carried out on mobile phones usage between April and May Online Market Research.

Quote Access. Reports Account. 0. My Basket. This survey is conducted to gather information on consumer’s mobile phone usage and the.

that Mobile Number Portability on Switching Behavior-Indian Mobile Market. Mobile Number Portability is the process by which, one can move to another operator of .

Sample questionnaire on mobile number portability
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